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About Us


Hi! we are susan and katerina. this is our story and why we started pink lift together...


Susan's Story

My story....I suppose it starts with the frightening word CANCER. Fear became the biggest challenge to overcome, being replaced by faith. Faith that I could take it day by day, appreciating the gift of life. My breast cancer suddenly threw a wrench in my busy schedule. As a physical therapist, I had treated patients with cancer for over twenty years. Now that I was one of the patients, I assumed I would have everything I needed for my treatments to go as smoothly as possible.

All went as expected as I went through my surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation proved to be a difficult treatment for me as my breast became blistered and inflamed a few weeks into treatment. I had followed all the recommendations, but told to expect my breast to get worse. The raw pain of my skin became too much, so I eventually had to wear a plastic container on my breast under my shirt to take pressure off the constant rubbing of my clothes. Image how difficult it was to return to work, taking care of a farm, and taking care of my family during this time.

I just wanted to come up with a product to help others and get relief for any breast discomfort. I am now three weeks post radiation treatment, but still not comfortable in any bra I can find. My new skin is so sensitive, which is leading me to search for the perfect camisole and bra...


Katerina's Story

So you know sometimes you just meet people and you click. That feeling that it was meant to be. That's exactly what happened when I met Susan. We clicked, our kids and husbands clicked, and within a short space of time we were great friends. Susan is in the few years I have known her become one of my closest friends.

So when I am calling to hassle her that she had not responded on coming to my birthday dinner,  she told me she had just found a lump and they thought cancer I was floored.

As the news kept getting worse I felt sick to my stomach and was crying all the time. Susan was my age with kids my kids age. I felt useless, but had to be strong for her. So Chemo Buddy was the best thing for her. I promised to be as goofy as possible. Susan is an amazing women. As she sat there for the hours it took to do chemo, we laughed and joked the whole time. Not once did we take a phone call or look at our phones. She was so strong and so positive you would have never known that she was going through what she was.

Chemo finally was done and we are now sitting in her radiation appointment.They basically told her that this part should be a lot easier especially how strong she was through Chemo.

I watched Susan struggle as her skin started to blister and burn to the point where her quality of life was really effected. She had to cancel going to work due to the pain of wearing clothes was too much to handle. That's when Susan was telling me the only comfort was to put Tupperware on her breast to relieve the pain.  

That's when the conversations of kid's homework changed to let’s design a bra so that other women do not have to suffer like she was. She started talking to the staff at Moffitt and was told what was happening to her was normal and there was really no good solution for the women struggling with the side effects from the radiation. So together Susan and I started to create designs and molds and that's how Pink Lift was created. Confidence with comfort for women going through radiation, breast feeding and biopsies, or any woman who wants ultimate comfort in a bra.